A listing of books, movies and music created just for you by our librarians.  Check back frequently to see if we’ve added anything new!  If you want to look at any of our other lists from last year click here.


July Booklists

Rockin' Summer Reads

Libraries Rock, and so do our books.  Check out these books which celebrate everything from Classical Music to the hard hitting beats of Hip Hop.

Romances with Creatures of the Night

Werewolves, Vampires, and Zombies and the ones who love them...Oh My!


Imagine it, you wake up one morning and everything is peachy and then as quick as a whip you realize you've been part of an experiment the whole time.  


From contemporary coming-out stories to those who have already left the closet, from the questioning and confused to the sci-fi revolutionaries who don’t have time to figure it out, LGBT characters are becoming more common, more diverse, and more accessible to readers, no matter what their sexual orientation or gender identity may be.

June Booklists

13 Reasons to read

The success of the book and TV show of "13 Reasons Why" has drawn attention to serious issues like teen suicide, depression and other issues affecting teens today.  This should show that you are not alone, and these books may help.

Welcome to New York

Novels about teenagers in New York are like candy: we just can’t get enough.  The glitz, the glamour, the hustle and bustle, and even the grimier parts of life.  If you can't visit the city this summer, grab one of these books and be whisked away.

Bookworms with an Appetite

Sink your teeth into these scrumptious books that revolve around restaurants, bakeries, or kitchens in general.

The "Real" World

Reality TV rules the airwaves.  Whether it’s served up competition-style or you’re just watching a bunch of strangers in ever increasingly crazy situations, its certainly caught the public's eye.  Your favorite reads are not exception. Read what happens when total strangers “stop being polite…and start getting real.” 

May Booklists


Do you like the suspense created by a good mystery? Better yet, what about the shiver that runs down your spine when you realize the mystery is unsolved? The books on this list offer fictitious, as well as true, tales of truly horrifying mysteries and crimes. Look here if you want to add some darkness and tension to your summer!


For the crazy cat lady in all of us.


The world of fashion is a glamorous setting for the greatest of books, and these selections are tailored (get it?) to the most stylish tastes.

There's Something About Sisters

Explore the depths of these sisterly relationships--the love, the loathing, the closeness, and the isolation.

April Booklists

Start a new series

From Harry Potter to The Hunger Games, there's no shortage of YA series' out there.  Looking to start a new one?  Try the first books in the series below and find a new favorite series to binge-read!

Stranger Reads

When it comes to Stranger Things, there are two things we can all agree on: 1) the show is fantastic, and 2) it is entirely too short. So what are the best books for Stranger Things fans to read after they've binge-watched all two seasons?  Check out some of these titles below!

Hang out in the multiverse

Not a big fan of how things are going in this particular universe? Jump to another one! Just be careful where you step, or you could end up in a strange place where bread is considered unhealthy and evil clowns dominate the news cycle.

Get Lost (and Survive!)

With cell phones, GPS and wifi everywhere today, truly getting away from it all seems almost nostalgic. Here are some reads that will remind you of a time when getting lost was an option, and how one can survive in the wilderness of freedom.