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January Booklists

Book Report Due? No Time to Read? Try One of These!

There are some amazing authors out there who can pack the power of a novel into just a few well-chosen words. If you have a book report due and are short on time, try one of the titles on my list. They're short on word count, but long on great plots, beautiful characters, and stunning themes.

Disappearing Acts

In each of these sharply written, psychological YA mystery thrillers (plus one comedy) someone important to our hero goes missing, often under disturbing circumstances. Each entry also has that "something more" that will leave you thinking, imagining, and caring about the characters while your heart races out of your chest. Now, go get lost in these books.

Winter Break Reads

Cold day? No school? Then it's the perfect time for a good winter read!

Teen Thrillers

Looking for a book that will get your heart racing and keep the pages turning? Look no further. These books are guaranteed to keep you on a the edge of your seat from the first page!

December Booklists

Stellar Outer Space Reads

For ages, people have been looking up at the stars and wondering what’s out there. While we wait for our spaceships to come in, here are some of the best YA books starring characters zooming around beyond the stratosphere.


One of the most important thing we can bring to young adult literature today is diversity. There are so many people in this world who deserve to have their stories told, and I think it's about time that we gave attention to the authors (and books) telling those stories.

Book covers are great, and many of the YA covers coming out today are no exception.  One of the most popular is featuring a head of our (supposedly) main character.  Here are a few examples.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️: EMOJI BOOKS 

Emojis are everywhere!  Your phone, your Facebook, your email, and even your book covers.  

November Booklists


Sometimes a good story becomes a great one because of a key factor: the narrator. Whether they have an unexpected narrator or a narrator whose voice cannot be fully trusted, these novels tell great and unexpected stories.


Love at first sight? Not in these books. Enjoy these stories of teens who had no intention of falling in love with each other!


These YA novels star super cool teenage girls who are realistic, even if their worlds or situations aren't. They are the protagonists, the lady bosses, the heroines—call them what you will. Personally, I'd like to call them my best friends.