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December Booklists

Rock the Vote!: Books to Prepare You for Election Day

Want to be an informed voter? Learn about the process — and the issues that matter to you.

Cook Up a Storm!

We all have to eat, and cooking is fun, healthy and inexpensive.

Before They Were on Your Small Screen

TV and streaming shows don’t always go by the book. Learn how the original author envisioned the stories.

New Takes on Old Tales

Some people say there are no new stories, just the same ones passed down for generations. Here are some new takes on tales that people have loved for decades, even, centuries, set in the past, modern and even futuristic times.

November Booklists

Zombie Zone

Four out of five zombiologists agree: The best way to keep from turning into a zombie is to keep your mind engaged in a good book.  Make your brain so powerful that zombies won’t be able to eat it.

Howl at the Moon

By all means, devour these books, but please do not return them with fang marks.

A Taste of Blood Lust

Here are some tales of the undead you can stick your fangs into

which witch?

In the mood for a real witch hunt?  Good or evil, frightening or funny, from folklore or from Disney, these witches remind you can judge a book by its coven.

October Booklists


It seems we never run out of things to talk about when it comes to family dynamics. Here are a few of our favorite novels that take a not-so-conventional approach to the ties that bind.


School if full of possibilities. In addition to memorizing the quadratic formula, you can learn to be a spy, a superhero, or a vampire—or just survive the experience with a few good friends. At least if our YA collection is to be believed.


 This is the place to come if you’re looking for something to get a guy reading.


We honor history by remembering it, and since the close of World War II, numerous authors have written books about the Holocaust to shine light on one of the most tragic periods in history. These books about the Holocaust, collected below, are simultaneously full of heartbreak and hope.