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Adult Booklists

A house of Cards: Political Scandals

These books feature ruthless rulers, Machiavellian plotters, devious political machinations, intrepid journalists, and other elements that are deliciously scandalous!

Make a Memorable Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about food, family, home, and holiday traditions! Celebrate the spirit of the season with these delicious books.

Hungry for Love: Food Based Romances

Food has the ability to engage at least four of our basic senses, five if you count the sound of popcorn popping or the sizzle of a hot steak. Is it really surprising that food is often an important ingredient in romance fiction?

Across the Universe

People have been dreaming about space travel for centuries – there’s something amazing about the idea of leaving our planet behind and setting out to explore the Universe – there’s so much we still don’t know.

Teen Booklists

Rock the Vote!: Books to Prepare You for Election Day

Want to be an informed voter? Learn about the process — and the issues that matter to you.

Cook Up a Storm!

We all have to eat, and cooking is fun, healthy and inexpensive.

Before They Were on Your Small Screen

TV and streaming shows don’t always go by the book. Learn how the original author envisioned the stories.

New Takes on Old Tales

Some people say there are no new stories, just the same ones passed down for generations. Here are some new takes on tales that people have loved for decades, even, centuries, set in the past, modern and even futuristic times.

Kids Booklists

Don’t Eat your friends: Picture Books with Bite

These books are plated up with humor and a side of manners, but sometimes not even the best etiquette can save the day.

Fall into Autumn

We just love books about fall. It's such a fun time of year to teach about---so multi-sensory!  And apparently, authors like to write fall books for children because there are quite a few of them!

Trickster Tales

Folk literature from around the world is replete with trickster tales. Some like the Anansi tales of Africa and the Caribbean, have continuing characters both as trickers and "trickees". Many modern composed stories also revolve around a trickster and/or a fool. Often these stories are funny and sometimes they are subtle.

I’m Adopted!

These books all feature characters who were adopted.  Some characters are involved in exciting mysteries and adventures, and being adopted is just one fact about them. All are great reads!

DVD Lists

Family Fun DVDs

Enjoy these DVDs with your whole family — or by yourself! After all, you’re never too old to revisit the movie you loved growing up.

Salute to our Veterans

For many, serving your country doesn’t stop when you go back to civilian life.

What’s Cooking?

For many of us, November means lots of cooking. Here’s some mouth-watering movies in our collection:

Election (Movie) Night in America

Red or blue, left or right, everyone is bound to find a movie they like.