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Adult Booklists

The City of Lights: Paris in Books

We may not be able to bring you to Paris but we can bring Paris to you. The following new books all take place in the City of Lights. Enjoy your virtual trip!

Books to Make You Think about the way you think

Reflecting on our beliefs and motives, decisions and reactions,  helps us grow. Here are a few titles from the arenas of Human and Social Behavior that offer insight into our psyches.

Beyond Bond

Ian Fleming left us too early, but his legacy lives on in his most famous character: Bond. James Bond. In honor of Fleming, we found some books which continue his that legacy and go “beyond Bond”—to pick out other books starring secret agents.

Living Dangerously in haunted houses

From classic haunted mansions to contemporary apartment complexes, we have gathered up 13 of the best haunted house stories to make you think twice before signing a mortgage! 

Teen Booklists

Books for Black History Month

Read the fascinating true stories of some African-American trailblazers from abolitionist to world leaders, from poets to pop stars.

Are You Ready for some Football?

Football action doesn’t need to stop with the Big Game. It’s never too early to start thinking about next season, and it’s never too late for some gridiron drama.

A little romance

Make a dte wit a good love story.

Future Oscar Winners?

Before the Oscars, read about filmmaking—and some characters who are obsessed with it.

Kids Booklists

What’s Your Name

Here are some children's books whose namesakes are proud to be who they are as well.

Following in winnie’s footsteps

The menagerie created by A.A. Milne—born Jan. 18, 1882—has brought readers joy for nearly a century. But kids cannot live by Winnie-the-Pooh alone, so we asked our picture-book experts here at the library to tell us about their favorite stories that feature bears as the protagonists.

Unlikely friendships

Unlikely friendships is an internet phenomenon.  The web is swimming with pictures of funny, crazy, adorable, unlikely animal frienships: dogs and bunnies, baby lambs and baby pigs, jungle cats and monkeys. The collective "awww" can be heard 'round the world. Much like the gifs, memes, and images we find online, children's fiction is also full of unlikely animal friendships. Here are a few to consider: 

LOVABLE little monsters

Monsters are scary, sometimes, and sometimes they are courageous and adventurous and funny and mischievous.  Some kids might find themselves in these monster stories.  Those lovable little monsters! 

DVD Lists

Significant films for black history Month

Celebrate with films about and made by African American pioneers in politics, war, science, and the arts.

Football Films Which Deserve a Touchdown Celebration

The season may be ending, but there’s plenty of drama on and off the field.

Fall in Love with these films

Let these classic love stories inspire you.

Oscar Winners Past

What’s in your Oscar pool? Check out the most recent Best Picture recipients to look for patterns and predict this month’s big winner.