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Adult Booklists

Librarians Unite!

Books, in all formats—print, audiobooks, e-books—are at the core of every literary database. And librarians are their superhero-esque gatekeepers, always ready with suggestions, recommendations, and answers. This month we we celebrate all the books in which librarians get to be the major players in their own adventures.

Classics that Never Get Old

With a truly great book, spoilers don't matter. You know exactly how things are going to end, and still, allowing yourself to delve back into that world is exciting and somehow new, or comfortable and exactly what you needed for that particular time. Some books gets better with re-reading, check out these ones we can’t get out of our head.

Sleep with One Eye Open

These psychological thrillers will make you want to read these chilling books with the lights on.

For Those About to Rock!

Great rock memoirs don’t always come from great artists: sometimes it takes one-hit wonders, losers, hacks, junkies, crooks. Every rock & roll character has a story to tell.

Teen Booklists

Manga Collection

Have you seen our new YA Manga collection? Jump into these Japanese comic series and novels.

Funny YA Books? No Fooling!

We wouldn’t try to trick you: These books are good for a laugh.

Shakespeare Lives On

Never mind the tees and thous, Shakespeare was all about entertaining the crowd. We have study guides and audio recordings that can help you make sense of his plays, but we also have books that show fun and moving they can be. Here are some books that take his plays in very modern directions.

High Interest, Low Stress

Looking for a book that you can enjoy but won’t be too stressful to read? Look for books with red labels on the spine like these:

Kids Booklists

Encouraging Self-Acceptance with Picture Books

Read about these lovable characters that learn to accept themselves and love who they are. In these stories, you'll find colorful stripes, funny dance moves, a book-loving birdie, and lots of appreciation for those that are one of a kind--like you! You're sure to discover what makes you special along the way.

Magical Reads for your Middle Gread Reader

Pick up one of these books to take a trip to another realm, travel to space, or even explore an enchanted forest where you're sure to meet magical creatures and complete a quest of great importance. You're in for an adventure with these spellbinding titles!

Mighty Girl Mysteries

Move over, Encyclopedia Brown! These girl detectives are here to save the day in these funny and clever mystery novels. See if you can solve the case alongside our heroines.

Children of World War II

Learn about one of the most significant and tragic wars in history through the perspective of young people who lived through it. 

DVD Lists

April Foolishness

No prank — here are some of the funniest movies of all time that make us laugh every time we watch them.

The Family that Films Together

The Coppolas, one of the most productive families in Hollywood, includes directors, screenwriters, and producers (Eleanor and Francis Ford Coppola and their children Roman and Sofia); actors (Talia Shire, Jason Schwartzman, and Nicholas Cage); and a composter (patriarch Carmine. For over 50years, four generations of Coppolas have given us with blockbusters, artistic materpieces, hidden and surprising experiments, often working with each other and their extended family of collaborators.

That’s from Shakespeare?!?

Shakespeare stole his plots from other poets, so it’s only fair that Hollywood 9and Bollywood) steal from him. Hen you cast Shakespeare with robots, zombies, samurai, and singing lions, is it still the Immortal Bard? You be the Judge!

That’s from Comics!?!?

It’s not just superheroes saving the universe. Just as films can be dramas, comedies, horrors, and any other genre you can think of, so can graphic novels — and the movies based on them.