All teens and tweens in grades 6-12 can join in the fun. Complete a Bingo Card to enter into the Grand Prize Drawing at the end of summer. There will be other great prizes available throughout the summer too!

The summer reading program starts Monday, June 17. The summer reading program ends August 11. Turn in your completed Bingo Cards and other materials by that date for entry into the Grand Prize Drawing.

Stop by the Library to pick up the bingo card, and your reading logs. Or download everything you’ll need here. Maybe you'll find that next great read!

Bingo Card

Reading log

Now, what are the rules?

Pick up a bingo card by downloading it here, or picking it up at the library. The goal is to get as many bingos as possible.

If you fill five boxes in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, you get ten bonus tickets in end-of-summer raffle. This means that if you fill every box, you get 120 bonus tickets (ten for each of the five rows, ten for each of the five columns, and ten for each of the two diagonal paths).

I’ve filled out the whole bingo card, can i pick up another for more chances at the prizes?

Absolutely! The prizes are great, and the more bingo cards you complete the better your chance at winning.

Can I read anything I want?

To get a bingo, you’ll have to read different types of books (like mysteries, fantasy, maga, and much more!). But the book you pick is up to you.

How can i get credit for books I’ve read?

To get credit for a book, fill a review slip or upload your review on social media and tag #nobrunslibrary on Twitter or Instagram or #northbrunswicklibrary on Facebook. Also, write the title in a box on this bingo card that the book belongs in. (For example, don’t write the title of a book in the “Read a mystery” box if the book is not a mystery.).

Can a book I’ve read fit in multiple bingo squares?

You can write a book’s title only once on this card even if it can fit into more than one category, so if you read a historical fantasy romance like Lovely War by Julie Berry, you can write the title in the box for fantasy or for historical fiction or for romance, but not all three.

When’s the last day i can submit my bingo card(s)?

Please place your board in the red YA summer reading box by Monday, August 11, @ 9:00 PM, in order to win prizes.

Anything else I need to know?

We’ve got a few hints for you for some of the trickier squares!

  • The New York Times YA bestseller list is at This list is updated weekly.

  • The “look for” suggestions in the boxes are meant to help you find books; they are not requirements. If you read a fantasy book that does not have “FSY” on the spine, you can still get credit for reading a fantasy book.

  • Remember you can get credit for a title only if you complete a review slip or upload your review video; it is not enough simply to write down the title on the bingo card.

  • E-books and audiobooks count.

If you have any questions or would like any suggestions, email Happy reading!