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March Booklists

Science is Full of Characters

The stereotype that scientists are all old dudes in lab coats sporting crazy hairdos couldn't be farther from the truth! Science is full of characters of all kinds.

Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them

Here's a list of favorites that have magical qualities, sure to get you in the magical mood.

Books for Reluctant Readers

Turn kids into bookworms with page-turning tales.

Our Country’s Presidents

President books for kids that won't turn your kids off American history. Over a dozen funny, entertaining and inspiring stories and biographies for children.

March Booklists

What’s Your Name?

Here are some children's books whose namesakes are proud to be who they are as well.

Following in winnie’s footsteps

The menagerie created by A.A. Milne—born Jan. 18, 1882—has brought readers joy for nearly a century. But kids cannot live by Winnie-the-Pooh alone, so we asked our picture-book experts here at the library to tell us about their favorite stories that feature bears as the protagonists.

Unlikely friendships

Unlikely friendships is an internet phenomenon.  The web is swimming with pictures of funny, crazy, adorable, unlikely animal friendships: dogs and bunnies, baby lambs and baby pigs, jungle cats and monkeys. The collective "awww" can be heard 'round the world. Much like the gifs, memes, and images we find online, children's fiction is also full of unlikely animal friendships. Here are a few to consider: 

LOVABLE little monsters

Monsters are scary, sometimes, and sometimes they are courageous and adventurous and funny and mischievous.  Some kids might find themselves in these monster stories.  Those lovable little monsters! 

February Booklists

Kindness Matters

These picture books emphasize the importance of being kind to everyone

Let’s Go Back In Time

The books on this list will help you travel back through time.

You Wouldn’t Wanna Be

Or would you? I’m betting not, especially after reading this series. These interesting books describe exactly what your life would be like if you found yourself in any of these historical situations.

Oh What a Wonderful World

Try these books and explore all parts of the planet.