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June Booklists

Diary of a Wimpy Kid & Big Nate Readalikes

When a child finds "that" book that he connects with, he can get hooked on reading. For many independent readers "that" book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney. If your kids enjoy Diary of a Wimpy Kid and you want to fuel that newfound love of reading check out these read-alikes.

After the early readers

Looking for that perfect chapter book for your child who's graduated from our Early Readers section?  Here's a great list of starter books for them.

Reading the Mosaic of the USA

Tailored for children in Pre-K to 5th Grade, this list celebrates all the different cultures, ideas and people who make the United States truly unique.

Super Science Fiction for Kids

Are your kids totally into time travel? Superfans of space adventures? Our list of sci-fi favorites has something for all the young science fiction book lovers out there. 

May Booklists

Home run books

Your little sports fan will love these children’s picture books about baseball.

Starring the Moon

 I associate summertime with the night sky and — especially — the moon. Is this true for anyone else?   I suppose it has to do with the fact that one is more likely to head out for star and moon gazing on a warm night, rather than on a cold winter one.This list is about looking at the moon through an imaginative lens.

Books to Inspire Kids to Change the World

A collection of picture books that parents can use as conversation starters with their kids about how both small and large actions can change the world, and inspire their own kids to make a difference, whether it’s with one small act of kindness or by leading others in a grand movement.

Learn about Immigration

The materials on this list offer people of all ages opportunities to dig deeper into the topic of immigration--through fiction and nonfiction--with accounts of historical and contemporary immigration to the United States.

April Booklists


In the late hours of April 14th, 1912, the steamship RMS Titanic hit an iceberg. At 2:20am on the morning of the 15th, the ship sank into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.  Discover (or revisit) what makes the "unsinkable ship" so fascinating on the 105th anniversary of her sinking.


It seems fitting that April is National Poetry Month. Poetry helps readers and listeners see things in a fresh way during a season when things undergo a renewal. Read poetry with children of all ages, about families, about nature, about the unexpected.


This recommended list of books for kids ages 0-9 includes favorites for Hispanic students and for those interested in learning a bit of Spanish. The books are written by today's most notable Hispanic and Latin American children's authors.


The United States is a young country but diverse and fascinating nonetheless. Much of its landscape is ancient and its history is rich in stories. National Parks are one way to preserve and protect the country's wonders, both natural and man-made.