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June Booklists

Girl Power: New Stuff from Female Writers

Get your girl power on and get thrilled by these great books from female writers.  

Love Yourself

June is Rebuild Your Life Month.  Try one of these great self-help books to started on the new you!

What Happens At Home

Those closest to us can harbor dark secrets, with twisting plots and untrustworthy characters, these books can hit a little too close to home.

May Booklists


Today meditation seems to be everywhere.  If you need a good book on meditation, any of these books are great whether you’re a budding meditator or experienced practitioner.

Space: The Final Frontier

Since the dawn of time, we've looked up to the sky and wondered; what's out there?  Are we alone in the universe? Or even, "I wonder what a Moon Rock feels like?"  I can't say all the books below will answer these questions, but you'll certainly get space fever after reading a few of these!

Reading the Sacred in Everyday Life

Through diverse approaches, these titles explore the quest for meaning and purpose.  These titles may inspire you to further your own spiritual journey.

"Shore" to Please Beach Reads

Heading down the shore this summer?  Grab one of these for your trip and you'll never want to leave the comfort of your beach chair!

April Booklists

Witch Hunt

The following titles,  provide updated primers on persecuting the misunderstood. While you’re reading, put on some Witch House and remember, there’s always room on the broom!

Celebrate National Poetry Month

Check out one of these great poetry collections for National Poetry Month.

Fall in love with a historical romance

For those of you who like your romance with a touch of history, check out the new romances in the paperback section. We have romances for every era - whether you like Regency, medieval, or colonial America, you'll find it here!

Financial Literacy...Finally!

Increase you money IQ this month with a personal finance book from our collection.