A listing of books, movies, and music created just for you by our librarians.  Check back frequently to see if we’ve added anything new!  If you want to look at any of our other lists and recommendations from previous months click here.


February Booklists

Jury Duty Reading List

Whatever your viewpoint on jury duty, what better way to prepare for a possibly long day than to ensure you have sufficient reading material to pass the time? Have you been summoned to appear in court? Stop by your local library before reporting for duty!

A brief history of gothic horror

The battle between humanity and unnatural forces of evil (sometimes man-made, sometimes supernatural) within an oppressive, inescapable, and bleak landscape is considered to be the true trademark of a gothic horror novel. 

Predicting the Future

What will the next decade, century, or millennium look like? Although no one knows for sure, many writers have imagined the future in their work, inviting us to travel through time.

The top checkouts of 2018

The list of our top checkouts is always a fascinating look at the diversity of our township, and at what books resonate with the most people.

January Booklists

Books We'd Like to read for the First time

Whether it’s because of shocking twists, powerful writing, or stunning originality, there’s nothing quite like reading a great book for the first time. Here are a few we’d love to experience again for the first time. Odds are you have a few of your own .

Go home for the holidays

Get into the holiday spirit with these reads. No matter what you celebrate, or just want to try some delicious cooking, these books will warm up any home.

unexpected Investigators

The protagonists of the following novels—a classical musician, a high school outcast, and a gentle librarian for starters—are also getting the job done, thank you very much. They’re breaking the mold in delightful, unpredictable ways.

Celebrity Reads

Celebrities have time to read? Apparently they do, AND they write books. It could be a memoir, or just musings on life, but these reads will keep you engrossed til the very end.

December Booklists

Hail to the chief (of police)

They may be the chief of police but that doesn’t quench their thirst for justice.

Pirates on high seas

Inside these books are the stuff of legend, where tales of adventure and intrigue on the high seas run rampant.

Creepy Campus Mysteries

Fall is really when the new year starts, despite what the calendar insists about January. In honor of the return to school days, here are some creepy mysteries set on campus which will certifiably keep you awake so you can get that last minute cram session in.

True (Crime) is Stranger than Fiction

For every suspense novel that shocks and awes readers, there are real life stories that make fiction seem tame and predictable.