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may Booklists

The Notorious RBG

Supreme Court Justice, lawyer, women's rights advocate, and pop culture icon: Ruth Bader Ginsburg means so much to so many people! Whether you first encountered her name in discussions of women's rights court decisions or on websites proclaiming her Notorious RBG, there's no doubting her influence on today's world.

The Most Buzzed about books (so far)

In an attempt to save you some precious time, we’ve done the reading for you and picked out new books worthy of your reading minutes.

Read Locally!

How do you explain New Jersey? Start here, with a collection of books that are very close to home.

Books that would make the best movies

Because there’s always a great story waiting to be told on the big screen!

April Booklists

Biographies: The Ultimate Self-Help Tool

If you are feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, read the story of someone else who has been there.

Literary Bad Boys

Heathcliffe, Draco Malfoy, Holden Caulfield, Gatsby? The more tortured, the better.  Check out the newest crop of bad boys sure to make your list.

Well Done, Sister Suffragette

We've compiled a list of powerful women who helped fight for women's rights.

Move over Binge Watching

... because it's time for some binge-reading. Start some book series that you might want to race through the same way you raced through the last season of Game of Thrones.

March Booklists

The City of Lights: Paris in Books

We may not be able to bring you to Paris but we can bring Paris to you. The following new books all take place in the City of Lights. Enjoy your virtual trip!

Books to Make You Think about the way you think

Reflecting on our beliefs and motives, decisions and reactions,  helps us grow. Here are a few titles from the arenas of Human and Social Behavior that offer insight into our psyches.

Beyond Bond

Ian Fleming left us too early, but his legacy lives on in his most famous character: Bond. James Bond. In honor of Fleming, we found some books which continue his that legacy and go “beyond Bond”—to pick out other books starring secret agents.

Living Dangerously in haunted houses

From classic haunted mansions to contemporary apartment complexes, we have gathered up 8 of the best haunted house stories to make you think twice before signing a mortgage!