Free noncredit computer courses are offered on an ongoing basis covering various topics including basic keyboard and mouse use, Internet and email as well as Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint and Excel.  At this time, lessons are open to North Brunswick patrons only.

These courses are offered in single, one on one sessions.  Due to demand, each student is limited to 3 individual sessions.  One-on-Ones are offered on the following dates and times.

  • Monday - 4:00 PM
  • Alternating Fridays and Saturdays - 3:00 PM

Below you will find the calendar for January's sessions. 

  • If the square is marked red then, that slot has been taken. 
  • Open slots will be marked in white.
  • Days where One-on-One tutoring is not available will be marked black.  If the month is full, you may call the Library at 732-246-3545 to join the wait list for February.


Classes are taught using the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system and Microsoft Office 2010 software. If you’ve never used a computer before we suggest taking the Computer Basics class first. Individual practice after each class is highly recommended.

Registration for computer classes is required. Please call 732-246-3545 to sign up.