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Zoning changes delayed by township until April 7

3/18/75 by 

Plans for acting on proposed amendments to the townships planned unit development gudance were postponed until April 7 to allow time for the municipality to notify the county planning board of the proposed changes.

The action came last night after Leonard Mandelblatt asked the township committee if it had notified the county of the proposed changes.

Planner Paul Keller told the committee he had not notified the county and Mandelblatt said that, as of 3 p.m., neither had the planning board.

His comments prompted postponement of any action on the proposed changes.

However, the postponements came only after the committee held a private caucus to discuss the matter. The action enraged  committee critic Mary Pinkham.

“Tell me now. What happened?’’ she pressed Mayor Jack Pincus.

“Isn’t that a state law?” she asked of the provision to notify the county planning board oi proposed zoning changes.

Mrs. Pinkham pointed out that in addition to the township attorney, two members of the committee were also lawyers and still the omission occurred.

“When I see something like this I get sick,” she said.

“I want a response now,” Mrs. Pinkham said as she argued with the mayor.

Pincus insisted on calling for a recess before commenting on Mandelblatt’s point

In other business last night the committee adopted police salaries.
The base salary for patrolmen will be $10,217; $11,668 at the second year; $13,119 at the third; $14,448 at the fourth; $14,501 at the fifth; $14,527 at the ninth and $14,554 at the 13th.

Base salaries for sergeants were $15,658 through the fourth year, $15,714 at the fifth year, $15,743 at the ninth year and, $15,772 at the 13th year.

' Lieutenants will make $16,867 through the fourth year, $16,928 in the fifth year, $16,959 at the ninth year and $16,990 in the 13th year.

Captains will make $18,078 through the fourth year, $18,141 at the fifth year, $18,174 at the ninth year and $18,208 at the 13th year.

The chief’s salary was amended to compensate for a miscalculation. It will be $19,547.

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