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Zoners table PUD amendment


A proposed amendment to the township’s planned unit development law was tabled last night by the township committee, which appeared anxious to clear possible ambiguities in the measure’s wording.

But a new version of the same amendment is waiting in the wings, said Mayor Jack Pincus.

As Pincus explained it after last night’s unanimous vote, the amendment, essentially would have allowed increased building density in residential sections of the planned units.

A planned unit is "a minicity" encompassing a wide variety of building uses within a relatively small area. In change for being allowed to build houses, apartments, town-houses and commercial build-
ings within the same zone, a builder must agree to give the township at least 15 per cent of his tract.

The measure killed last night would still limit the building density to seven units per acre overall, but would allow for construction of 10 units per acre in the residential section of any given planned unit.

Opponents of the amendment charged it was bad planning because it violated standards of uniformity in building density throughout planned units.

Pincus last night said a new version of the proposed change in planned unit density and definitions of uses had already been drafted by the planning board. The amendment, he added, would probably be introduced soon.

In other action last night; the governing body introduced an ordinance pledging the township to cooperate with Middlesex County in a joint community development venture that would bring North Brunswick closer to having a senior citizens’ housing complex.

The committee already hs decided to use $30,000—its expected first year allocation of federal urban community development money for site development of the housing project. The complex is being sponsored by the United Auto Workers of America.

According to Pincus, the township, which would manage the complex through its housing authority, is using the federal community development aid to lower rents that would be charged the elderly.

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