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Teachers to get what they deserve


North Brunswick’s board of education voted almost unanimously last week to notify two teachers at the township’ high school of the reasons why their contracts were not renewed.

The board’s decision is to be commended for two reasons. First, it gives the
teachers information which they had sought and to which they are rightfully entitled. . Second, board members took their action voluntarily, without waiting to be told they had to do it.

For a time, there was some doubt about whether the matter would be settled so fairly. The board originally had refused to give reasons for not renewing the contracts of the two teachers, and a majority of its members stuck by that decision even after the state Supreme Court ruled June 10 that • nontenured teachers must be given reasons why their contracts were terminated. The board had argued it could not reevaluate its position until it determined whether the court’s ' decision should be applied retroactively.

But, without waiting for a decision on the retroactivity issue, the board decided to give the teachers the explanations they had sought and to grant them a hearing should they request one.

In doing so, the board acted responsibly and wisely in adhering to the spirit of the law even when the letter of the law may not have demanded it.

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