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Patients applaud sorority efforts


Friendship is what the Beta Sigmi Phi organization is all about Patients at the Middlesex County Hospital for the Chronically Ill in North Brunswick will attest to it.

Just in. time for baseball season and the basketball playoffs, the hospital has a new color television set, a first for the patients, thanks to members of the organization’s Area City Council. The group raised funds for it by means of a fashion show and presented the set last week. Mrs, Richard Decker of Highland Park was chairman. ’

“You just can’t- imagine the joy its brought,” said Mildred Stead R.N., superintendent of the hospital. “The patients have it on from morning Til night. Many of them have been here a long while and had never seen color TV. They love it. The ladies like their stories and everybody seems to like the sporting events"

Spreading friendship has been the chief function of Beta Sigma Phi for more than 40 years. Internationally the chapters support funds for cancer research. cystic fibrosis, homes for under-privileged children and many other causes, including Ranch Hope in Alloway, and the Exempler Fund which helps support Literacy Village in India.

A social, cultural and service organization, it numbers 250,000 members in 10,500 chapters in 24 countries of the free world, and has been in existence 43 years. Locally there are seven chapters: Alpha Omega, Gamma Omega, Beta Pi, Exemplar Preceptor Gamma, XI Alpha Chi, Xi Alpha Tau and Xi Kappa,

Founded in Abilene, Kan. by Walter W. Ross, the organization is non-political and non-sectarian. All chapters will be marking Founders Day celebrations on or around April 30. The city council’s event will be held at Somerville Inn on Tuesday. Miss Nadine D. Cone of North Brunswick is serving as chairman.

Mrs. Michael Hirsch of East Brunswick will serve as president for the coming year. Members of the Plainfield chapter, Xi Alpha Pi, will celebrate Founders Day Tuesday with a banquet at King Georgs Inn, Warren, beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Mrs. Edward J, DeFillipo and Mrs. Lawrence Bash are serving as co-chairmen.

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