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Hidden Lake Needs Study

8/14/70 by 

After a thorough and careful study of the proposed, rezoning of the so-called “Hidden Lake” tract in North Brunswick, The Home News believes that the Township Committee would be well-advised to submit the proposed zoning change to a bi-partisan group of citizens for further study and recommendation,

The issue here is of no small importance to every resident of North Brunswick, Because of the size of the tract (approximately 400 acres) and because of the nature of the zoning change, the result of the adjustment, if ultimately passed, means a profound change in the nature of the entire township.

We believe that the basic question which must be addressed by a bi-partisan committee is what in the end will benefit North Brunswick the most. Will the present zoning ordinance, which provides for single-family-dwellings on 30,000 square-foot lots, give the township as much fiscal relief as the proposed zoning change, which provides for a mix of homes, townhouses, apartments, commercial establishments and industry.

Considering the heated exchanges which have taken place at the previous hearings on this ordinance, we think the Township Committee would get itself out of a tight political squeeze while at the same time provide for a full and complete airing of the issues involved if they named such a committee.

The proposed zoning change resembles the Planned Unit Development concept presently favored by the state, But Planned Unit Development (PUD) is an extremely complex zoning change, depending as it does on the proper balance between residential, commercial and industrial areas, as well as the provision for the proper acreage for separating the particular elements of the zone from one another. These are questions which we do not think Have been answered fully by the Township Committee and which we think must be answered before the township proceeds with the zoning change.

North Brunswick residents should not he lulled into believing that this is a simple either/or proposition. It is not. It is an extremely complex issue which deserves the most serious and thorough study on the part of the township and on the part of any committees which are appointed.

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