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Of Agreement And Compromise

9/12/70 by 

The North Brunswick Township Committee this week unanimously introduced a radically revised zoning plan for the controversial Hidden

Lake area. 

The new plan unveiled in what was described as “a spirit of agreement and compromise,” and these are attributes devoutly to be desired.

Changes in the proposed zoning for the area bounded by Routes 1 and 27, and lanes Cozzens and Finnegans, would eliminate two matters of serious controversy of the earlier proposals, high rise office buildings and town houses.

At the same time, the new plan would introduce two new factors, a 55-acre parkland donation to the township and a guarantee of new tax ratables by Ceran Corp., developers of the 325-acre Hidden Lake tratt.

The remainder of the previous plan, commercial and industrial development along Route 1 and commercial development along Finnegans Lane would be retained.

The ‘‘spirit of agreement and compromise” proved just that to two previous opponents of the earlier plan, Democratic Committeemen Jack Pincus and Frank Pelly. Both made it clear that they will want all agreements in writing and will want assurance of enforcement, which are reasonable positions to take.

There are those, of course, in South Brunswick who still strongly object to North Brunswick’s zoning along Finnegans Lane, but the over-all picture seems to be one of real compromise within North Brunswick, which is all to the good.

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