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Rezoning Proposal is Weak

8/23/70 -

We applaud the action of the North Brunswick Township Committee in referring the controversial rezoning proposal for the so-called Hidden Lake tract back to the township’s Planning Board,

We think it would be a mistake for the Planning Board to make minor changes in the plan and then refer it back to the Township Committee, This rezoning proposal is at best technically weak and needs strengthening in many places.

partisan study of the whole Hidden Lake rezoning proposal. What

we think the bi-partisan group should address itself to is the question of how this rezoning proposal can be incorporated into the township’s Master Plan without doing substantial damage to the intent of that Master Plan. We would hope that if the township has plans of drawing up another Master Plan, that it waits until that plan is finished before incorporating this massive rezoning proposal into it.

The rezoning proposal itself, though, needs much work. The current popularity of Planned Unit Development — together with all its subheads such as cluster zoning, mixed zoning and the

like — tends to cloud the complicated nature of a truly tight PUD-type zoining ordinance.

For example, all parts of a zoning plan drawn along the lines of PUD must work harmoniously to produce a workable, overall plan, But the North Brunswick proposal contains contradictory elements and poor standards which would tend to defeat or fragmentize an overall comprehensive site plan. For example, a 25-acre sub-unit within the zone is too small for its proposed use; land ownership and maintenance of project-owned common open spaces are. vague — there are no guarantees as to who will maintain the spaces; and the proportions between business and industry are missing from the plan. What disturbs us the most about this plan, however, is the admitted variance between it and the township’s Master Plan and the fact that the shape and size of the tract does not readily lend itself to the type of development contemplated by the rezoning proposal.

Both these considerations deserve serious study by the township, preferably by a bi-partisan group. Whatever the ultimate outcome of the rezoning proposal, we do not favor its enactment in its present form.

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