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Records believed missing


A number of township engineering records apparently are missing.

Mayor Charles Nicola last night said he and other township committee members were under the impression for several months that the records were not available to former township engineer William Dailey because they had been subpoenaed by the U.S. Attorney for New Jersey.

Nicola, who said he has not spoken with the former engineer for some time, indicated there were a number of occasions during Dailey’s tenure as township engineer when files were unavailable.

Though he could not recall Dailey stating specifically the files were in Newark, Nicola said it was an impression he and other committee members had gotten.

That impression proved false yesterday.

According to TTicola, the township had been running into problems, such as payment to contractors, because of the unavailability of the records.

In; an attempt to see if copies could be obtained frorri the office of the U.S. Attorney, Nicola said township attorney Joseph Burns and the new, fulltime engineer, Arthur J. Vitale, went to Newark yesterday.

Some of the files were located, Nicola said. 

But the mayor said a number of the files were not being held by the U.S. Attorney.

If it is determined that the files are the property of the township, Nicola said, the committee at its next caucus meeting will discuss pursuing the matter directly with Dailey.

Last month, several employees of Technical Testing Inc., Dailey’s East Brunswick engineering firm, testified before a federal grand jury.

Those employes reportedly testified in connection with a continuing investigation into township affairs.

That investigation began more than a year ago and has been handled by Deputy U.S. Attorney Richard Hellstern. Township records were subpoenaed, as were — according to some reports — bank records of several current and former township officials.

Dailey resigned as part-time engineer for the township. He also is no longer the engineer for East Brunswick.

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