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Mixed Land Uses Produce Headaches

7/31/67 by 

When varying land uses get commingled, trouble follows.That’s what provides major sources of conflict along Livingston Avenue. Neighbors complain about young people congregating at night near a hamburger and ice cream place on the avenue, for instance.

The managers of the enterprise have no control over prospective customers, or those who have been customers. The place has attracted customers but can't keep them from congregating on sidewalks nearby.

And neighbors are truly bothered by the noises given off by healthy happy young people.

Residential and commercial land uses rarely do produce a happy mix. And Livingston Avenue, going more and more commercial, loses much of its previous appeal as a good place to live, both in New Brunswick and North Brunswick.

There’s no satisfactory solution once radical changes have been permitted.

But there is a lesson for other residential streets everywhere. It takes eternal vigilance to prevent changes in zoning, or changes by the spot-zoning use of variances.

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