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Racial Balance Plans Aired


Three distinct proposals, all  involving some form of sending-receiving agreement or regionalization, were offered last night as the best way to achieve racial balance in New Brunswick High School ’ when the township opens its own high school in 1974.

The school boards and attorneys from the township, New Brunswick and Milltown met at the Linwood School last night to put their cards on the table as the first step toward reaching an agreement on the best utilization of the new high school.

The meeting was at the recommendation of state Education Commissioner Carl Marburger who threatened to enjoin construction unless the township agreed to work with New Brunswick and Milltown to solve any racial imbalance the new school would cause.

New Brunswick and Milltown attempted to block construction of the high school on 'the grounds that withdrawal of the township’s predominately white students would severely affect the racial balance at New Brunswick High School.

The boards issued a joint statement after the three-hour meeting outlining each board’s proposal.  The township wants all its students to attend the new high school, according to the statement, and the board said it would accept “its equitable share of students” from New Brunswick High School to achieve racial balance there.

New Brunswick advocated a regional district consisting of New Brunswick, North Brunswick and Milltown for grades kindergarten through 12th and “maintenance of the neighborhood school concept in the lower grades.”

The Milltown board prefaced its proposal by saying it wants to maintain both racial balance and high quality education, according to the statement. To this end the board suggested either a continuance of the sending-receiving relationship among the three districts or a regionalized high school district consisting of all three towns.

All three boards agreed to review and study the proposals and to come up with costs analyses and other data by the next meeting, Oct. 21, at the Parkview School, Milltown.

Both township and Milltown students now attend New Brunswick High School on a sending tuition basis. The tovnship contract under that arrangement will expire in 1974.

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