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Police Charges Deserve Hearing

7/10/71 -

We applaud the decision of the North Brunswick Township Committee to hear an appeal of the five-day suspensions handed out to five policemen who are accused of releasing information to the public without first clearing it with the police chief.

Further, we applaud the Township Committee’s decision to hear charges made by the patrolmen’s attorney against Police Cheif Carmen Canastra that he has “bugged” the police station and that policemen are being threatened and have been “punished” for not issuing a “quota” of summonses.

Clearly, there is friction within the North Brunswick Police Department and it must be stopped. The residents of that community deserve a firm assurance that all the members of the police department are working together with one common purpose: adequate, efficient, fair and aggressive lawenforcement.    

But the residents of North Brunswick also need to know the full truth of the charges made by the five patrolmen. Does North Brunswick have a police manpower shortage which hinders its enforcement of drug laws? Are policemen inadequately trained in drug control?

These are serious concerns and they deserve serious consideration, too, by the Township Committee.

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