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New high school a hit with students


"Wow what a neat place" are hardly the words one would expect to hear from students on their first day back in school. But they were uttered by more than one seventh grader as they got their first glimpse of the township’s new high school yesterday.

Every superlative imaginable was voiced yesterday when the school, which one teacher called a ’‘paradise for kids,” opened its brand new doors to 350 seventh graders. After the “oohs” and “aahs” were over, the students assembled in the gym for the beginning of orientation day.

They looked like a small group sitting in the gym which can accommodate about 3,500. Today about 700 eighth and ninth grade students will go
through the saim/ procedure, and Monday will be the fit day of full classes.

Following a welcome by James L. Salvatore, the schoohs principal, the students separated into hometown groups and were led by their teachers on a tour of the school. As they walked through the school their eyes opened wider and their jaws dropped lower|

“I don’t even have a rug jn my kitchen at home,” said one student as she walked through the carpeted commons area. Every floor in school — except the gym — is carpeted. The height of the tour seemed to be the Olympic size pool. “It’s unreal,” one young scholar said.

These are usually the kinds of emotions expressed by students in primary grades, Robert Bailey, assistant superintendent of schools, said. ‘They're usually pretty sophisticated by this time,” he continued. This is quite an unusual school though, he added, so unusual reactions are anticipated.

And they haven’t even seen everything yet. Some work still remains to be done in a few classrooms and the auditorium seats haven't been installed yet. Until the kitchen begins
functioning the students will be given lunches in paper bags but they didn’t seem to mind these few inconveniences.

The situation was put into a little more realistic perspective, however, by one student who in passing a blackboard — actually a blue board — filled with mathematical notations said, “Oh no. Look at all the work they’ve got for us to do”

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