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Board to Tell Public Of Racial Balance Plan


 The Board of Education plans to use its regular meeting tomorrow to explain to the public its racial balance proposal — which entails busing New Brunswick minority students to most of the high schools in the county.

The plan is the board’s proposal to achieve equitable adjustment of the minority imbalance at New Brunswick High School when the township’s new high school opens. z

Citizens Against Busing, a newly formed group that opposes transporting students away from their neighborhood schools, expects a big turnout for tomorrow’s board meeting.CAB has vowed to take legal action to keep all township students in the new high school. The group is not, however, against having students from other communities bused in.

The board presented its proposal, which it billed as a permanent, inexpensive solution, at a joint meeting with the New Brunswick and Milltown Boards of Education last month. New Brunswick and Milltown tried to block construction of the new high school on the grounds that withdrawal of the township’s predominantly white student body would severely affect the racial balance of New Brunswick High School.

State Commissioner of Education Carl Marburger permitted construction to proceed only after the township agreed to work out an equitable solution to the racial balance problem. The three boards will meet for the third time tonight. However, New Brunswick has already petitioned Marburger to resume the hearings because it claims no progress has been made.

The township proposal calls for assigning at least 50 to 60 non-white New Brunswick students to 11 area high schools. The number of students and schools would be adjusted from year to year as the need changes.

The board hopes tomorrow’s discussion will be only the first of a series on the subject. It has solicited invitations to speak before 30 township PTAs, service, political, social and governmental groups.

The board also has petitioned Marburger for permission to open its new high school next September with lOth-grade students. New Brunswick has until Dec. 9 to reply to this petition. Last week, Milltown voted to ask Marburger not to grant this permission until either the three boards or Marburger settle the racial balance problem.

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