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Lecky replaces Kollar


After two months without permanent legal counsel, the Planning Board last night appointed township resident Robert Lecky, rather than reappoint a nephew of former mayor Charles Nicola. Charles Kollar, the board's attorney for the last three years, was replaced by Lecky on a 5-2 vote with two abstentions.

"I've been the attorney for three years and I've enjoyed it and look forward to representing the township in the future," Kollar said.  "I'm shocked, but not surprised,"  Nicola said afterwards.  "I'm shocked at the gall and disrespect and lack of concern for what's right and best for the township. I find no fault with Lecky, but to take a position away merely because he happens to be related to someone they don't politically get along with, I can't understand. It's all purely political." "An act of that type is what prompt-ed me not to seek re-election," said Nicola, who announced his decision last week. "I'm unsurprised because Sal Mayor Sylvester Paladino, who took Nicola's seat on the Planning Board this year has changed his position several times including this one regarding Mr. Kollar. At 4 in the afternoon he says he'll vote one way and when it comes time to vote, he votes another." 

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