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North Brunswick Public Input Wanted on Landing Pad

11/26/85 - by Matthew Goldstien

The Township Council Last night decided not to consider the Webcraft Technologies Inc. proposal to build a helicopter landing pad until nearby residents comment on the plan. During the next two weeks, about 30 households in an area bounded by Route 1, Elizabeth Street, Felicia Street and Excelsior Avenue will receive a letter asking for local reaction. The council will hold a public hearing on the matter Dec. 9. Benjamin Itlax, a project manager for Webcraft, last night told the council that the nearest home would be 400 feet from the 150 square-foot landing pad. Max said the pad would be used occasionally to transport personnel from its Pennsylvania facility. He couldn't say how often the landing pad would be used or whether it would be used at night. He said that since Webcraft would be using rented helicopters, the company would minimize their use to reduce its own costs. The state Department of Transportation's Division of Aeronautics has already approved the landing site, pending the township's final approval. If the township approves, the landing pad would be used until Webcraft receives permanent landing rights from the Federal Aviation Administration. Squibb & Sons and Johnson & Johnson already have private helicopter landing pads within the town-ship. 

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