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Inmate found hanged in workhouse cell


n inmate who was apparently despondent over his wife’s illness, was found hanged yesterday afternoon in the Middlesex County Workhouse, police said. The victim, Theodore Di-Montova, 39, 38 Adams St., Old Bridge, used a necktie which he tied to an overhead pipe in the basement of the jail to hang himself, police said.

Correction officers had seen Montova only 10 minutes before they found him hanging, according to county prosecutor C. Judson Hamlin.

DiMontova, who was an inmate trusty — a prisoner usus-ally given extra freedom on the basis of merit — was delivering laundry when last seen, Hamlin said.

The victim left a note, Hamlin said, but the prosecutor did not reveal its contents.

Hamlin said DiMontova had been despondent over his wife’s serious illness. He had been in Middlesex County Court on Friday asking for a reduction of his six-month jail term because of his wife’s illness. Decision was reserved at the time, Hamlin said.

"Montova, the father of two young children, had served two months of the prison term that resulted from a gambling offense, according to Hamlin.

Hamlin said Montova’s wife, whose name was not disclosed, had visited her husband earlier yesterday.

Correction officers freed Montova and tried to revive him when they found him hanging, Hamlin said. Montova was pronounced dead at the scene.

An autopsy was to be performed today by the county Medical Examiner’s office.

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