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Hidden Lake owners flood council

12/17/74 by By Jeanmarie Elkins

Yesterday's rain brought a flood of complaints to last night’s township committee meeting over drainage problems at the Hidden Lake housing development. In what turned into a series of bitter exchanges with Mayor Jack Pincus, Dr. Allen Savage began telling committee, members about living in a “submerged area.”

Savage’s complaints ran from a lack of response from committee members, the mayor and department of public works to improper design and engineering. His drainage complaints were supported by Hidden Lake residents Gus Costas, Dom Fiora-vanti and Robert Zuckerman, Other flooding complaints came from Linder Avenue residents.

Savage declared it “an emergency situation” and said “if a child could have gotten out we would have lost someone.” According to Savage, the past solution of the township seems to be the source of the problem, It is, he said, a pipe four feet in diameter placed to carry water away.

Savage told the committee the job had been engineered improperly, designed improperly and the result of that engineering effort is a total disaster.” He claimed the pipe had been installed under the auspices of the engineer and “everyone agreed at the time, including the assistant engineer, it would not work.”

“I’ve invested all my money in this house and I’m getting nothing but aggravation,” Zuckerman said of the flooding problems. Committee members caucused to discuss the flooding problem and Pincus announced the storm sewer department and engineer would be out to inspect the area this morning.

Plans for a complete drainage line that should clear the area of flooding will be read for bidding at the next meeting, the mayor said. A current construction project on Aaron Road, blamed, by some residents for the flooding, is to be completed by the end of the month, Pincus added.

The mayor disputed Savage’s suggestion that the township ignored his 'complaints. Pincus said it seemed the township had responded immediately and attempted to alleviate the problem.

Savage disagreed, charging he was forced to close down his office for the day, drive to the public works garage and “plead” for aid.

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