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Good work by police

4/26/75 by 

The recovery of 37,000 motor vehicle inspection stickers that were stolen a month ago from the inspection station in North Brunswick is a piece of police work for which all motorists should be thankful.

All too often we are apt to gripe about having to go through the inspection process, especially when we wait until the end of the month and find lines unbearably long. We also gripe when our. car Sails to pass, whether it be for a major or a minor defect.

What we frequently fail to realize is the purpose or the inspection system—to ascertain that motor vehicles registered in the state of New Jersey are mechanically safe to be operated on our highways or, for that matter, on any highways anywhere.

Although we are only required to have our cars free of all defects once a year, it makes good sense to have any mechanical defect corrected as soon as it is discovered.

For anyone to use a stolen inspection sticker on his car to avoid a long inspection line is foolhardy since he might have a serious mechanical defect on his car that would cause a serious accident. To use a stolen inspection sticker on a car that the owner knows is mechanically defective is criminal—for it endangers not only the driver of that car but anyone else on the highway.

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