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Get Out and Clean Up

3/11/70 -

North Brunswick’s township council will be presented soon with a proposed ordinance to make shopping centers clean, safe and orderly.

The proposed legislation would, among other things, limit the outside display of merchandise, require regular removal of shopping carts from parking areas, and require shopping centers to provide adequate trash receptacles and regular removal of trash and rubbish from the     ..

Its unfortunate that North Brunswick feels it must legislate good housekeeping in its shopping areas, but even a casual inspection of many of the commercial districts in our area makes it painfully obvious that a good cleanup is in order.

The world always looks its shabbiest in March, when the snows are gone but the lush spring foliage has not yet partially concealed the junk that litters our streets and parking areas. The message is clear for business, industry and private citizens alike: Get out and clean up. We ought to be ashamed that we need laws to keep us from wallowing in our own garbage.

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