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Food stamp home found

5/13/75 by 

With a few more details to be worked out, the Middlesex County welfare board gave approval to a one-year lease for a new downtown storefront home for the overcrowded food stamp office,

Meeting in emergency session, the board okayed a $1,» 000-a-month lease for the former site of Harry Strauss & Sons, 277 George St, The board is also to pay taxes and utilities for the 12,000-square-foot building, In addition, the board will sublet about a third of the first floor and all of the basement as warehouse space for the county's purchasing department. Welfare Director Mary Hollis said it may be possible to relocate food stamps in the new
quarters in a week's time.

That move would free up space in department headquarters on New Street, and enable the food stamp office to vacate a $20O-a-month walk-up on Paterson Street,

Welfare officials are hoping the new headquarters will improve client service and efficiency of the operations,

In other business, the board approved up to $10,000 in surplus 1974 funds to pay for fire safety repairs and improvements at the county's Hospital
for the Chronically Ill in North Brunswick.  Mrs, Hollis said the improvements would 1 £ correct a number of deficiencies” uncovered in a fire inspector’s tour on April 22.

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