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Candidates charge flood project delayed


The township committee is expected to authorize bidding on the Ber-dines Corner Sewer Project tonight, according to committee member Charles Nicola.

But the action isn’t coming soon enough to forestall the issue from becoming political.

Republican candidates Tony Vitanza and Ernest Buda have criticized the all-Democratic administration for “dragging their feet in the mud of the Cantela flood problem.”

The problem rose to the surface again Wednesday night when rains caused flooding of Cedar Avenue at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cantela.

The Cantela home at 10 Cedar Ave. was built over June Brook and tlie Berdines Corner Sewer Project is aimed at controlling the brook overflows.

In a statement yesterday both Vitanza and Buda agreed the administration’s lack of motivation and inactivity in the Cantela case is “typical of an overall listless attitude toward problems not affecting either them or their party cohorts.”

The Cantelas have been plagued by floods for the past 15 years. After the worst dam-
age, in 1971, they filed suit against the township.

“I’m surprised and shocked at Mr. Vitanza’s and Mr. Buda’s comments,” Nicola said when told of the prepared statement from the Republican candidates, “surprised as to the extent of their lack of knowledge concerning this problem.”

“If the problem was met head-on 15 years ago, when variances were granted by Republican administrations to build homes over a brook, this situation would not exist today,” Nicola declared.

“The municipality cannot and should not spend some quarter of a million dollars without reviewing the situation in its entirety and without proceeding along in the fashion dictated by law,” Nicola added.

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