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North Brunswick Delays Proposed Sale of Land

1/2/70 -

If “fools rush in where angels fear to tread," the North Brunswick Township Committee proved themselves angels Tuesday night by refusing to sell 98-acres of township land on Finnegans Lane,

The proposed sale had raised a fair amount of clamor and disbelief among township residents. The land deal developed from an offer from Dr. Herbert Poch of Elizabeth to pay <$250,000 for the tract. What really raised eyebrows was the Township Committee’s disclosure that a zoning change might follow the land sale, thus substantially increasing

the value of the land, 

But the confusion and misunderstanding about the value of the land and about the exact size of the tract in question caused the Township Committee to back down on the proposed sale. Outgoing Mayor Kenneth Rupprecht said that professional advice would be sought on the best possible use for the land,

In the brief discussion held Tuesday night, both Rupprecht and incoming Mayor Fred Gilbert showed good sense. Rupprecht said he was pleased by the degree of public interest in the sale and said he felt it might lead to even greater revenue when the land was sold in the future.

And Gilbert offered the best suggestions of all, First, he said he would seek professional advice for the best possible use of the land. And when he indicated that if indeed the land were rezoned to commercial, he hoped it could be zoned as a “special planned district” similar to the tract which Sears Roebuck now occupies in New Brunswick,

This is the kind of talk which should have been heard in the first place.

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