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North Brunswick Cops Win

1/23/72 -

Charges against five North Brunswick patrolmen who faced suspension for writing a letter to The Home News have been dismissed by a decision of Superior Court Judge Samuel V. Con very. The five patrolmen had not yet been subjected to suspension. North Brunswick’s two highest police officers are under grand jury indictment, but are not suspended from the force.

The decision in the case of the five patrolmen was based on the technical grounds that the township did not comply with its own police ordinance and state statute with regard to written notice of suspension and public hearing.

Convery did not rule cm the constitutional question involved, having already reached the conclusion that the suspensions were invalid. He did make some comments, that must be regarded as obiter dicta, which indicated a feeling that the North Brunswick ordinance providing for withholding of information from the public without approval of superior officers is proper and sound.

We are glad to see the officers go free, and we regret that the constitutionality of the North Brunswick ban on letter writing was not in fact determined. Some day it will have to be.

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