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'Consent' vote sought on union membership move


Fourty three employes at the Middlesex County Hospital, for the Chronically Ill who voted to join the Communications Workers of America Union will have to vote again in a special “consent election,” according to the county welfare board.

The board, which administers the North Brunswick hospital, voted yesterday to request the Public Employes Relations Commission (PERC) to schedule the special election to ensure that the hospital workers definitely want to join the un-

More than half of the employees filled out cards indicating their desire to affiliate with the union, The special election probably will be scheduled by PERC in a week to 10 days, according to a board spokesman.

Frank Moore, the county adjuster and a member of the welfare board, said the workers would cast ballots in a closed voting booth to ensure a secret ballot, Moore said he had no doubt the result would be the same, but offered the resolution as an added safeguard for the employees.

Those eligible to vote in the , consent election are: licensed practical nurses, attendants, cooks, food-service workers, building-service and building-maintenance employees, and guards.

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