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Barricades Go Up in Rain

8/26/67 -

It never rains but it floods on Revere Road — so the Van Liews are seeking shelter behind a barricade.  It was a ease of into each life some rain must fall for the Van Liews, and not too much was falling into theirs, they say, until the township did the neighborhood the favor of replacing the storm drain.

Mr. and Mrs. William Van Liew had lived in their split-level house at 1088 Revere Road in Colonial Gardens since 1955, and storm water had coursed easily through the drain to the left of their driveway.

But when the drain pipe was replaced last year, strange things started to happen. The storm water no longer flowed gently under their yard into the pond between North Boyd and South Boyd Street. Instead, the water backs up through the storm sewer, runs down the drive, through the garage, under the garage wall, into an adjoining playroom — then cascades into the basement.

“The township says it will do something about this — someday,” Mrs. Van Liew observed. “But the township also has suggested that we add blacktop to our driveway to build it up.”

Once, while away on a vacation the Van Liews returned to find that water had risen above the furnace fire level and had backed up into water heater fuel lines — filling the playroom and cellar with silt.

All this despite stone dumped in front of the garage in an effort to ward off the water by workmen who were making some repairs at home.  “With the hurricane season coming, I feel like I’m sitting on a powder keg,” Mrs. Van Liew said. So yesterday the Van Liews put up their barricade — sandbagging the garage to divert the water into their rear yard.

“The yard always looks like a river anyway when it rains,” Mrs. Van Liew observed philosophically.

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