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Funds are sought for alarm system

6/19/75 by 

The Middlesex County Welfare Board will ask the hoard of freeholders for an additional $9,000 in surplus funds to make needed repairs at the county’s Hospital for the Chronically, Ill in North Brunswick.

The board learned yesterday that mandated work on its fire and smoke detection System will cost $15,872, about $9,000 more than the amount they have for the' work.

The board voted yesterday to seek $9,000 in additional surplus aid from the freeholders at tonight’s meeting and then to award a contract for the work
to . Standard Electric Time Corp. of Fairfield.

The deficiencies in the smoke aid fire detection system were policed when an unsafe condition registered around midnight April 9. The North Brunswick Volunteer Fire Department responded and remained on duty until the malfunction was diagnosed.

Following the trouble, a North Brunswick fire inspector checked the building and determined the system should be replaced.

The welfare board approved an emergency request for $10,000 in May and spent more than $2,000 of that for preliminary work on the system.

When bids were received for the bulk of the work, they were higher than originally thought.

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